Presented Conference Papers (Selected)

  • Coppola, R. & George, M. A. (2015, April). Converging Communities of Practice: Promoting Equity through Iterative Collaboration. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.  icon-download
  • Fortune, A., George, M., Raphael, T., Emig, J. & Sullivan, M. (2016). The Chicago Teacher Network. Project READI Technical Report #26. Retrieved from URL:  
  • Goldman, S. R., Greenleaf, C., George, M. A., Marple, S. A., Emig, J., Brown, W., Cribb,G. & Ko, M. (2015, April). Challenges of Adaptations in RCTs of a Reading for Understanding Intervention. Snow (Chair), Variation in Program Implementation in Large‐Scale Randomized Controlled Trials: Analyzing and Addressing Implementation Challenges in Educational Settings. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL.   
  • Goldman, S. R., Ko, M., Greenleaf, C. & Brown, W. (in press). Domain-specificity in the practices of explanation, modeling, and argument in the sciences. To appear in F. Fischer, K. Engelmann, J. Osborne, C. Chinn (Eds.) Interplay of domain- specific and domain-general aspects of scientific reasoning and argumentation skills. NY, NY: Taylor Francis.