Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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  • Lee, C. D. (2011). Education and the study of literature. Scientific Study of Literature, 1(1), 49-58. doi:10.1075/5501.1.1.051ee

Under Revision

  • Greenleaf, C., & Brown, W. (under revision). Tapping teacher’s knowledge to support text-dependent argumentation as a way of learning in science.   
  • Holt, J., Magliano, J. P. & Durik. (under revision). Exploring the dynamic nature of inference generation during mental model construction

Submitted for Journal review

  • Levine, S. Sentence stems as supports for students’ interpretive thinking and writing. Research in the Teaching of English. Manuscript submitted for publication.   
  • Litman, C., Marple, S., & Greenleaf, C. (submitted for journal review). The enduring impact of design based professional development on literacy instruction in secondary subject areas.   
  • Yukhymenko, M., Lawless, K., Goldman, S. R., Shanahan, C., & Pellegrino, J. (Under Review). Measuring multiple source comprehension with a rating task: a signal detection theory approach. Manuscript submitted for publication.